English Only Policy

Niagara English Language Academy is committed to your academic and professional success. To this end, NELA has established an English-Only Policy that requires all staff and students to speak English on school property, including the common area and front desk. This extends to school related activities on and off school property.

This policy is in place because:

  • speaking a language in the presence of those who do not speak it is disrespectful and exclusive;
  • when you speak other languages, you distract other English language learners;
  • you have chosen to attend NELA to improve your English, and this can only be done through practice at all times;
  • you are now a resident of Canada, and English is one of its official languages; and
  • the NELA staff pride themselves on providing the highest quality language education, and the academy’s reputation is put at risk when you don’t fulfil your commitment to fully immersing yourself in all aspects of training requirements.