Studying in Canada

Global Affairs Canada
Global Affairs Canada works with other federal departments, provincial and territorial governments and marketing agencies, non-governmental organizations and academic and business institutions to advance the Canadian education and training sector internationally.

The Canadian Education Centre Network
The Canadian Education Centre (CEC) Network is a private, independent non-profit company that was founded in 1995 with support from the Government of Canada to promote and market Canada as a study destination for international students and as a world-class provider of education services.

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE)
Is an umbrella non-governmental organization comprised of 200 colleges, universities, schools, school boards, educational organizations and businesses across Canada. Nationally, CBIE engages in policy development, research, advocacy and public information. CBIE is both a leader in shaping Canada’s international education agenda and a highly recognized provider of professional development programs for Canada’s international educators. CBIE manages vital services for foreign students in Canada.

Note: International students studying on a student visa are not eligible for bank loans or government student loans in Canada. If planning to apply for landed immigrant status, students may become eligible for loans once landed status has been received. International visa students may want to investigate loan options available through the Paras Education Foundation. Information and application procedure are available at

Globalplacement is a free service for students for internships (work), placements and graduation assignments on an international level. It is a part of Leonardo da Vinci project.

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